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Updated: Feb 18

Welcome to my page! As you may already know, I am Christine Trejo, and this is a journey into my mind. My background is pretty simple. I have been in the Air Force for about 16 years as a dental technician however, I've done other special positions such as hygiene instructor and leadership instructor. I have 2 kids, a daughter and a son, and a wonderful wife who is in the Army. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Quality Management and an MBA with a specialization in Human Resources.

Now that I feel like I've finished my dating profile intro, let's get into why I'm doing this. As an introvert, I tend to keep my thoughts, feelings, and opinions to myself most of the time, especially in a forum as large as this. These are matters better left in my head, right?… I started this blog as a means of self-expression because I want to step out of my comfort zone. In my journey of personal development, I realized that quiet isn’t always the answer and I know I have plenty to share.

This blog will center around my life and different experiences I encounter especially my journey through personal development. I will also discuss some of my visions on leadership because leadership is just fascinating to me. There may be other topics here and there (photography, sewing, who knows?!), I can’t really say for sure. My brain goes in many different directions on a daily basis and my main goal is to not get stifled by ideas and start taking action!

Whether you are here to peruse or decide to subscribe, thank you for coming this way. I hope you find some enjoyment in what you read.

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