Time To Move On

My family will be leaving Hawaii in a few months and it’s bittersweet to think about. Not only have we had the opportunity to live in paradise for 6 years, my family has become such a new breed since we’ve gotten here.

My son was only 7 months old when we arrived. He was still drinking bottles and was barely crawling. My daughter was missing a bunch of teeth and was so tiny! She’s about to have her braces removed in a month which is a step toward adulthood in some ways. My spouse and I have become huge contributors to our jobs and careers while still supporting each other along the way.

I actually almost got divorced here… My spouse and I were going through the motions for a while before we realized what happened. We were so focused on work, kids, meals, workouts, school, homework, etc. that we lost sight of us. When we finally realized what we did, it led to talks, fights, and more talks. One thing that never left our minds or our hearts was that we wanted to make us work.

It took a lot of work and we still find ourselves going back into that place we were before; putting other things and situations before our relationship. I think it kind of comes with the parenting thing as well as with being leaders in both of our careers. The good thing is that now we catch it and can talk honestly about how we need to readjust. In the end, I’m so grateful that we stood by each other and decided to commit to us again.

Hawaii will always have a piece of my heart. This island does something amazing to the soul. The sunny days are plentiful, and the beaches are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. Today I am sitting at a beach and feeling the breeze on my skin as I type on a perfect 78-degree day. Man, does the next home have some big shoes to fill!

As much as I love it here, I’m ready to move onto the next adventure that is my life. The military allows me the chance to call many places home. My family plants roots wherever we go and find fun and memories along the way. While some people might see this as difficult or not find excitement in it, we enjoy it. We’ve been able to make memories in so many different locations that my kids may find themselves in again, that my spouse and I may find ourselves in again. We’ve traveled while in each place and seen so many cool things.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be in tears on that plane! I have 5 months left to take in all the beauty that is Hawaii.

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