Resistance No More!

Resistance comes in many forms. Maybe we make an excuse to not visit a friend or family member, or why we haven’t started that class, project, or whatever it is we’ve been saying we were going to start soon. It might be saying you're not ready to do something, you don't have enough time, you don't have enough money. You say you aren't able to reach that goal so it's not worth going for. Really what we are doing is resisting something we don’t want to do, or we think is going to be hard, etc.

I’ve been thinking about resistance a lot lately because I do it in my life daily. For me, it shows up as procrastinating on writing my blog because I’m too busy, skipping my run because I’m too tired, or going on Facebook instead of reading because I need a break… They’re all ways I am stopping myself from achieving my goals. I never really understood why I did it until recently. For me, it lies in my limiting belief that I would rather play to not lose than play to win and maybe lose in the process. I believe this actually stems from my fear of failure. If I don’t give my all, I can say “well, I didn’t really want it that bad anyway” or “I didn’t try as hard as I could have.”

I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me a quote by Michelangelo, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; [it’s] in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” I’ve heard this quote many times before however this day it hit deeper than it ever had before. It got me realizing how many times I’ve set lower goals so I can achieve them as a means to not fail.

Playing it safe is the easy way out that I’ve used in a lot of places within my life. I’m currently in a goal-achieving challenge with some friends and we are definitely out of our comfort zones. It’s helping me see how I have let myself down in the past without even realizing it and how much more I am capable of. I spent time not completing assignments during my degree programs because an A didn’t matter even though I knew I was capable of it. I’ve told myself that working harder wasn’t necessary when I could have given more on many occasions. I’ve stopped myself from pushing too far past my comfort zone for fear that I may let myself down. I mean I pushed myself some so that counts, right?

Why keep my standards low for myself? Why not reach higher? Why am I letting my resistance run my life? It’s ok to miss, I’ll still probably get farther than my low goals. This fear of failure has stopped me from reaching much greater experiences than I have to this point.

I’m so happy I’ve taken this step toward growth for myself. What a great way to show my kids that they can do anything they set their hearts and minds to than by allowing them to see me do the same. If they see me fail and get back up, they will see that it’s ok; I’m not broken, I’ve survived the scar of not winning. They will see it’s ok to just keep moving forward. I know I will be a much greater example to them this way so they can achieve their dreams and beyond. That’s my biggest goal after all.

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